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The Self-Care Rockstar 5 Habits

  1. Track your Food: Write down what you are eating, keep a food journal.

  2. Plan your Meals: Find healthy recipes your family will love, make a shipping list and stick to it.

  3. Walk regularly: Find an exercise you enjoy and that will fit your lifestyle; walk, run, dance, bike ride, join a gym.

  4. Meditate and Visualize: Take time each day to be silent, monitor your thoughts, visualize what you want.

  5. Read & Learn: Take a social media and/or TV break and use that time to read books, take a class or learn something new.


  • G ~ An attitude of Gratitude: Make a list of what you are grateful for.

  • R ~ ReAction & Action: How you react to your challenges and the actions you take are all related to mindset. “How people treat you - is their karma, how you react…is yours.” Wayne Dyer

  • O ~ Open Minded: Open to new perspectives, question your thinking, embrace change, learn new things

  • W ~ Wishes and Dreams: Rekindle your dreams, discover renewed inspiration, get creative, be persistent.

Being able to GROW is the Key to becoming a Self-Care Rockstar!!

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Sally Green: The Self-Care Rockstar

My Transformation Story:

As someone who spent my whole life working hard, volunteering, serving others, and caring for my family – I looked in the mirror during the Covid lockdown and asked, What do I do for me? and the answer was, “Not much”.

So I began a quest for self-care, eating healthier,
walking regularly, journaling, & meditating
and you want to know something cool?


I lost 40 pounds and surrounded myself with an amazing new community of friends. I contributed to two books, took a bunch of online classes, and created this amazing new business. My goal is to assemble an entourage of like-minded people and share what I've learned. I want to rekindle your dreams and keep your cup filled and overflowing. My weekly class on Zoom will give you the tools, tips, and tricks I have discovered and introduce you to the awesome community of speakers and leaders I am now part of.

I am a 2-time International Bestselling Author for the Books ... “1 Habit for Entrepreneurial Success” and “1 Habit to Thrive in a Post-Covid World” and I have been a Christian educator for over 30 years.

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