Laser Coaching Opportunity


For the woman who has spent years taking care of everyone else and neglected taking care of yourself ...
This program is for you!!

It will inspire and empower you to live healthier and provide you with tips, tools and tactics to begin your self-care journey and become a Self-Care Rockstar!!

You will receive unlimited Zoom sessions of 20 minutes (or less). In each session, we will work toward your goals and come up with homework that we agree on (we both must agree on the homework, so there's no worry that you'll get overwhelmed). You can record all sessions, so you don't have to take notes or worry about forgetting something.

After each session, I send you an email with your homework, and a link to schedule our next call. 

You schedule your next call - AFTER the homework is completed.

You will also have unlimited email access and unlimited text messaging.

How much does it cost?

Because of the way I've structured laser coaching (15-minute sessions, responsibility for scheduling and homework rests with you) ... ONLY $1200 for 3 months.

Unlimited? What does that even mean?

Simple. Once you complete the homework assignment, you can go online and schedule your next session. You will be given an email and phone number to email or text anytime.

What if I can't do the homework?

If you're truly stuck, email me anytime. We'll figure out how to move forward, either with an easier assignment, or breaking it into smaller parts, or uncovering and removing the blockage.

What else do I receive?  Free Admission into my weekly "Think & Grow Rich for Women" Mastermind on Tuesday evenings at 9 pm (eastern) for 1 year. ($250/value)


Is there a guarantee?

Yes. After our first 15-minute session, if you don't think I can absolutely help you achieve your goals, then we'll cancel the agreement and I'll refund your money immediately. 

Can I think about it?

Of course. The only urgency is your own. I'll be here when you're ready. 

What's my next step?

If you're ready to commit and become a 💥Self-Care Rockstar💥, then register below and receive 2 FREE 15 minute laser sessions.  

About me ...

My Transformation Story:

As someone who spent my whole life working hard, volunteering, serving others, and caring for my family – I looked in the mirror during the Covid lockdown and asked, What do I do for me? and the answer was, “Not much”.

So I began a quest for self-care, eating healthier,
walking regularly, journaling, & meditating
and you want to know something cool?


I lost 40 pounds and surrounded myself with an amazing new community of friends. I contributed to two books, took a bunch of online classes, and created this amazing new business. My goal is to assemble an entourage of like-minded people and share what I've learned. I want to rekindle your dreams and keep your cup filled and overflowing. This laser coaching program will give you the tools, tips, and tricks I have discovered and I will help you to define and take action towards your goals.

I am a 4-time International Bestselling Author for the Books: 

  • 1 Habit for Entrepreneurial Success
  • 1 Habit to Thrive in a Post-Covid World
  • The Fearless Entrepreneurs
  • Invisible No More, Invincible Forever more